Charlea Grey 

David had used his sling and only one stone, but he was stronger than the Philistine. He killed the Philistine and he did not even have a sword in his hand. 1 Samuel 17:50, The Bible for the Deaf
In the last couple of days, we have focused on some of the parables that Jesus told to convey God’s messages.I could not help but think about each of our stories.
Have you ever thought about yourself or your life like that,that you also have a story orthat you are the main character in your life’s story?Yes, your life is a story full of characters, conflict, climaxes and outcomes.
When you are writing or make up a story, you usually have to pay a lot of attention to the main character.You need to form a complete picture, you need to know which characteristics are important and you usually also need to know how your character will behave in certain circumstances.
David is one of the people in the Bible with an interesting story – full of twists and turns.One of the most famous parts of his life story is, of course, the story about how he defeated Goliath, the Philistine, with a stone in a slingshot.
David was only a shepherd.Goliath was described as a giant, so he must have been much bigger than David.He was strong and had many weapons.Besides, he was used to war. It sounds like he was quite loud too, and liked to taunt the Israelites and challenge them to take him on.
As a result of this story of David and Goliath, the stones and the slingshot, we often associate David with bravery.Yes, he had other qualities too and, as I have mentioned, his life took all kinds of turns, butDavid was a person of courage.He saw an opportunity to take on Goliath, because he knew God was on his side.
This is why he had the confidence to confront Goliath.David knew that God would protect and keep him.
There are so many things in our life that create challenges –big challenges.
You know what giants are challenging you today.You know which giants are taunting you over and over.Those giants look different to each of us.However, think about it a bit; do you see an opportunity to be courageous and brave like David? Perhaps not,but your story can sometimes take a different turn if you bear up and trust in God.Do not be afraid to be the brave main character.You have God on your side and he will guide you.He will not let you stand alone before the giant; ask David.
Prayer: Lord, it takes a lot of courage to overcome the challenges of life.Those challenges can often feel like giants.Help me to approach my life with courage and bravery.Help me to remember that I can be brave, because you are my God.Amen