Ewald Schmidt

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5, NIV
This is the world of the strong man. The way of the world is to take what is desired by might. The one with the most weapons wins the war. The one who shouts the loudest is heard. The way of intimidation and fear promotes the success of the cause. History has proven this to be true.
When Jesus spoke these words, the known world was ruled by the Roman Empire. They used military might to take over the world, and used fear and intimidation to oppress the nations under their rule. They had cruel public executions, like crucifixion, to instil obedience and compliancy.
And, this is precisely why the kingdom of God is different. The crowds gathered around Jesus would have been so shocked to hear this beatitude when he taught it. They had been expecting a strong leader, a Messiah, that would set their land free from the oppressors. They longed for this since the days of exile in Babylon. Moreover, they had hoped that Jesus would be that strong man who would gather an army and overcome the Romans. But that is not why Jesus had come. He had come in the guise of a servant, a washer of feet (John 13).
Jesus teaches that we are blessed when we are meek of heart. We do not possess meekness by our own doing, the natural person is born with a hardness of heart. We are set in our own ways, seeking our own success and glory. We need the touch of the Holy Spirit, taking out the heart of stone, giving us a new heart of flesh (Ezekiel 36:26).
In the Bible, we encounter a few individuals described as possessing a meek heart. The best example is probably Moses. Numbers 12:3 states that he had the meekest heart on earth. With meekness, we are pliable in God’s hands – he can mould us. A meek heart is caring, a heart that has compassion for our fellow man. With a meek heart, we become available in the service of God, to be a blessing to others.
Meekness should not be confused with cowardice or timidity. It does not mean being weak; tossed around by life’s circumstances. Meekness bears witness to strength under the control of the Holy Spirit. Meek persons bravely defend what is right. It is a healthy understanding of one’s identity in Christ. We follow in his footsteps. He who introduced himself thus: “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Matthew 11:29)
With meekness – a humility of heart – we live a life of gratitude and contentment. In that sense, we have already inherited the new earth. We are aware of the presence of God, his care and his guidance on our journey of life. We have everything we need to serve him and live life to the full.
Prayer: Lord, thank you for removing my heart of stone. Thank you for taking my urge to have might and glory away. Thank you for a new heart of flesh, one that is meek belonging to you. May my heart always be soft and malleable in your hands. Always give me a caring heart for my fellow man. Amen